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Behind RumaManis : Meida Damayanti

Behind RumaManis : Meida Damayanti

BehindRumaManis - Meida Damayanti 3
BehindRumaManis - Meida Damayanti 2

Meida Damayanti, walaupun jauh dari Indonesia, hatinya masih bersama Ruma Manis di Indonesia. Ia sangat mencintain fashion dan sudah tak asing lagi bergelut di dunia fashion. Ia kini tinggal di Belanda, bekerja sebagai Vice President di salah satu brand Amerika dengan headquarter in Amsterdam, next to her role founder and creative lead or Ruma Manis.  Simak wawancara dengan mbak Meida dengan perjalannya untuk  finding what feels good for her.

Q : halo, mbak Meida. Apa kabar? Baik dong.. 🙂

Q : mbak Meida dan mbak Saski tampak sangatlah dekat. Bisa ceritakan bagaimana persahabatan mbak Meida dan mbak Saski? Kami ketemu waktu kelas 1 SMA di Surabaya. Waktu itu aku inget sekali how I like Saski’s style in wearing her clothes. Nothing specifically fashionable, but somehow I like her twist of simple styling with a hint of trendy item. And luckily I love her down to earth and social personality as well. We definitely get along and have a lot of common interest, termasuk interior design, and somehow that kept us together..

More than 20 years later, with our long distance and each of us growing up, we still keep our friendship, we still share the same passion, she is definitely one of my closest friends in the whole world 🙂

Q : nama Ruma Manis sangatlah unik. Adakah cerita dibalik nama tersebut?Both Saski and I are obsessed with our home. However much we travel or wish to travel, home is still our sanctuary, and it is simply translating our strong feel of our sweet home.

Q : adakah momen favorit dari perjalanan bersama Ruma Manis? The moment we found out that people also appreciates things that we like (the vintage tea cups, and the first dahlia table setting), we always feel positively surprised and pleased when people like our stuffs, it is like sharing the same passion in liking certain stuffs with your closest friends.

Q : apakah kesamaan fashion dengan desain Ruma Manis? I would actually compare it to a fashion brand instead of fashion. Where both fashion brand and Ruma manis are sticking to certain style and concept. It may work for certain person, and it may not.. It is really a matter of taste.

Q : seperti fashion, dimana ada trend yang sangat dihindari, nah, adakah desain yang mbak Meida jauhi untuk desain Ruma Manis? When something is overly minimalistic or cold. As our style needs to give that warm cozy feeling just like our homes.

Q : sekarang ada koleksi tekstil dapur bernama IKAT. Adakah inspirasi fashion di balik itu? Ikat has been known historically as a dyeing technique in several regions including Indonesia. As our concept is always including something old and something new, something from the east and something from the west, we pick Ikat this time as our inspiration.

Q : dari sekian koleksi Ruma Manis, manakah yang menjadi favorit mbak Meida? Absolutely dahlia first series in blue and grey.

Q : Dari sekian negara yang memiliki piring keramik cantik, manakah negara yang menurut mbak Meida memiliki desain piring keramik yang paling bagus? I wouldnt be able to pick one country for sure.. I mean, the Dutch has its gorgeous delft blue, obviously China has elegant pattern, Poland and its playful and colorful design, and Japanese with its minimalist yet pretty styling.. I mean, the choice is endless..

Q : adakah sesuatu yang menarik perhatian mbak Meida sekarang dan menginspirasi mbak Meida untuk membuat desain baru untuk Ruma Manis? Definitely flowers!I love flowers, one of the best thing available in the Netherlands…as you can see Delphinium was part of the flower inspired collection. But for next collection, we wil also take a typical INdonesian flowers.. But unfortunately I cant share you more. You need to just wait and follow us 🙂

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