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How nice to see you stumble upon our specially decorated corner! We are Saski and Meida, two childhood friends who have remained close over the years pursuing our passion for the chic, simple things in life. Here at Ruma Manis – a name inspired by the Indonesian for ‘sweet home’ – we provide fresh, stylish home accessories to help you create that pretty home of your dreams.

From then till now – distance is not a barrier

It all began almost 20 years ago, when we first met at high school. There, we spent our days giggling over silly jokes, cute boys and fantasising over the latest boy bands of the day. Since then however, we have lived in different parts of world, but a deep rooted friendship and shared passion for a loving homely environment ensured we have stayed in touch. Our story is one of true connection and appreciation.

Travel has been a big part of our lives, and has opened our minds up in incredible ways. We have come to know and appreciate so many fascinating cultures and inspiring people doing incredible things with their lives. It has served us with untold inspiration as we now mix and match the best of European and Asian design, and combine the vintage with the contemporary, to create those charms in an inspiring product line with a chic modern twist.

Our mission is simple

Whether for a quiet night in, or a get-together with friends, what we enjoy most is creating that authentic homely feel we all long for. The contrast of soothing pastel colours and the playful inclusion of wooden and metallic details, can transform your home into something that represents the real you.

The journey so far has brought us tremendous satisfaction and a solid friendship that has stood the test of time. We look forward to being there for you on your journey.


Saski & Meida