About Us

It was almost 20 years ago that we first met in SMA 2 Surabaya. Like any other high school kids, we studied together, giggled over silly jokes, admiring cute boys and screamed over the latest boy band at that time.

After high school and up till now, we travel and live in two different parts of the world, far away from each others. Despite the distance, besides our friendship, there is one thing that keeps us together. It is our love and passion in home and life. That’s how Ruma Manis is born. Ruma Manis is named after a sweet thought of a home sweet home, taken from Indonesian language.

We admire all the inspiring things in life. Whether it is that genius young talent who made it big at such a young age, the successful professional who let go of his successful career to plant more trees, or that amazing culture we got to see during our travel.

And by the way, we looveee to travel… What a way to open your mind! That’s when we see how beautiful it is to mix different esthetic from different parts of the world. A beautiful European leather couch with a batik blanket throw is a perfect match for the cold and cozy winter night in.

We embraces the history and looking forward for the future. Keep that rustic coffee table that your dad made and the old family picture. Mix it with your minimalist and modern furniture and all of a sudden your apartment looks cool and authentic. Mix that old vintage tea set with the crisp bright polkadot napkin to create a playful mix on your dining table.

Lastly, we hope to see you around, all happy, smiling and looking pretty.

Saski & Meida